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Who We Are

Company3 helps you produce, collaborate and market NFTs. The crypto-art world is new, untapped and at times daunting. We can help guide you from concept to sale in order to help maximize your NFT offering. 


Meet The Co-Founders of Company3

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Unique Benefits Of Our Process

The merging of a marketing agency and development company together is our secret sauce. Our experience, track record, passion and tech make us unique. Leverage our team and our technology with a blend of development and marketing to deliver an impactful experience to your NFT holders


A Cutting Edge NFT Development, Creative, Management and Marketing Agency.

Strategic and Creative NFT Development and Marketing for Brands, Companies, Influencers, and Curators.

As a full-service digital marketing agency we provide custom solutions for marketing and promotion for your project. Our proprietary event platform with referral codes sets us apart from other agencies with our technology’s rich feature set and accessibility. 

Provide utility to your holders using our state of the art platform. Benefits like gated access to content, a unique delivery mechanism and fluid ease of use. We’ll help determine the roadmap and utility for your project, and ensure it isn’t just a flash in the pan. 



We integrate with your team to create a detailed and structured plan to meet deadlines and get results. We will help you develop the name of your NFT, the story behind it, the unique benefits of it, and setting your project off on the right foot.

Our talented team of seasoned developers guides the development, infrastructure and build for the NFT project. Handling everything from the website, minting page, referral tracking, smart contract and whitelisting. We’ve got the build handled from start to finish.

Strategy & Planning


- Albert Einstein

"The leader is one who, out of clutter, brings simplicity... Out of discord, harmony... And out of difficulty, opportunity."

is a professional digital marketer and world-class online community builder. How good? He is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the promoter of “the world’s largest 7-day business conference”. 

Brad is also a master connector in the NFT space, the co-founder of the upcoming NFT World Con virtual summit!

Brad Langan

is a seasoned software executive with expertise in strategy, sales, product creation and partnerships. He co-founded Business Glu, a team sales and growth platform. Prior to Business Glu, Joel co-founded and exited LeadOwl and Online Sales Pro.

Joel Kellman

has developed multiple LMS, CRM, and lead generation systems to help marketers and small businesses train their teams, increase their response times, and close more sales.

Joey Scarim

Business Development

Marketing Development

Software Development

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